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What secret do speakers have to make an impact?

When we talk about speakers who’ve made an impact, the same names keep coming back: Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Churchill… obviously mainly politicians and leaders with strong views. Books are written about them and methods are based on their ways of doing things but we quickly forget that boardrooms around the world also witness brilliant speakers. Their subjects are often less universal and the media rarely report on their thoughts, but they are just as able to transport you and win you over with their ideas.

In the theatre it’s called “stage presence.” While some seem to have it naturally, remember that nothing is a foregone conclusion, everything can be worked on. Indeed, those who make an impact by their presence have three things in common: they know what their audience expects of them, they are clear on what they want to say and they know how to share their emotions.

Do you want to make a difference during your next presentation? You need a relevant stage presence goal. Take the time to ask and find answers to the following three questions:

– What does my audience expect from me?

– What is my core message?

– What emotion do I want to convey?

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