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What are the 4 elements of an effective pitch?

The exercise of pitching has gone well beyond startups. More and more it has allowed large multinationals to innovate and drive change and transformation. To sell a project, select candidates for a contest, or announce an upcoming event, whatever the subject you want to communicate, a good pitch will enable you:

  • To express your idea under any circumstance by being concise, concrete and comprehensible
  • To optimize your remarks so that they create desire and prepare your audience to subscribe to your idea


The HUBSTORY® method is used daily to design presentations that accompany the development of companies and their leaders.  It provides “pitchers” with a vocabulary inspired from the universe of storytelling that allows us to organize our thoughts more effectively. The PitchPrism® is one of the fundamental tools of the method: like a prism that breaks down the light, it allows us to identify the four indispensible elements of a good pitch:

  • A promise of change that expresses what your idea will change for those listening to you. Formulate it preferably as a short teaser, impactful and easy to remember. This way your idea will be permanently associated with the promise of change that it brings.
  • An ideal that expresses what motivates you and your idea. The reason d’être for the change you promise and what makes it inspiring.  The ideal is a base of values and beliefs, a “north star” that shows us the way and toward what we are heading to.   This is your “promise of values” that will give meaning to your idea.
  • A magic sword that expresses what distinguishes you and your idea and will make possible the change you promise, whether it is in terms of organization, measures to put into place or expertise… as its name suggests, a “magic sword” allows its possessor to do things that others either cannot do or find more difficult to do. This is your “promise of means” that will increase the trust that your audience is ready to grant you.
  • A solution that expresses what you are offering and makes concrete the change you promise. This is about the problem or problems that your idea will solve with your proposal or the service you provide. This is your “promise of action” that will allow your audience to project itself concretely into the future you’re promising and will boost its commitment.


By identifying and formulating the four PitchPrism® elements of your next idea, you will greatly strengthen its impact. You will also develop a common vocabulary that will enhance creativity and facilitate teamwork. And believe in our experience: from the demanding executive committee of a big corporation, to a worked up team over a new digital project, we always experience the same pleasure in hearing: “And you, what is your magic sword?”

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