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The recipe for a successful presentation

That’s it, you’ve finally decided to talk about that idea that’s been on your mind for months. And, to get it right, you start writing your presentation. After hours of hard work, you take stock of your results and realize that:

  • You’re bursting with ideas and you don’t know by which end to tackle the subject;
  • What was forceful before, now seems commonplace;
  • Your normally structured mind plays tricks on you and your sense of logic is being put to the test;

In short, your pitch doesn’t hold water and you’re at an impasse.

This is where storytelling comes in to help you move from a disappointing speech to a captivating presentation revealing the full potential of your ideas. The power of storytelling is to being able to combine logic and structure with imagination and creativity.

Structure your remarks in the form of a story…

The analytical structure has outlived its usefulness and is totally obsolete in highlighting your projects and winning the battle of getting people’s attention. By going into narrative mode, you’re presenting your ideas in an optimal story form to get attention, optimize recall and speed up the decision-making process. A story will always be a story, whether it’s in Paris, New York, or Tokyo. In addition to being universal, storytelling is learned and allows those who practice it to effectively structure their remarks for a maximum impact on their audience.

…But make sure you don’t forget your dose of creativity!

Beware, it’s not because we have a story structure that we can tell a good story, which will leave a lasting impact. This is where imagination and creativity come in. These are essential ingredients in identifying the right level of speech that includes good anecdotes, forms a robust thread and stirs emotions in your audience. Though the logic and structure are reassuring, it is your imagination and the emotions you stir-up that help you leave a strong impact.

And your presentation will be memorable!

The purpose of your presentation is to be impactful and leave a mark in the memory of those listening to you. Our memory areas in our brains are like scattered bricks everywhere and memories have to be rebuilt. Storytelling is powerful because it provides coherence, so that when I remember a moment in the story, I have a better chance of quickly rebuilding the entire memory. Then, those emotional moments become real doors into the memory and help us anchor some important key moments.

So, get your pens out, structure your story, let your imagination run wild and you’ll see that pitching is not rocket science!

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