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The game precedes the rule!

When we evolve in our way of presenting, we often change many rules. Whether in terms of narration, design or oratory techniques, sometimes it’s an entire part of the corporate culture that needs to change, to accept these new practices which are essential for an effective presentation of ideas.

It is obvious that approaches such as the HUBSTORY method we use in consulting and training, regularly collide with habits that are sometimes difficult to change. How do we explain to our boss that the logic of the analytical structure he/she is imposing bores everyone, that the template that was so expensive impedes us, in the end, from making things simple, aesthetic and impacting? Especially since every proposal for change in the past has been met with a nonnegotiable refusal: “We’re not here to put on a show, it’s just a presentation!”

Those of you who read us regularly already know how false this statement is. A presentation must be strategically thought out: to capture attention, captivate minds, impact with key ideas to obtain the support of the audience and trigger the necessary commitment to the achievement of any idea.  As Henri Boettinger wrote in Moving Mountains: “There is no business without show-business.”

So, how can we change things? How can we apply these new techniques that come up against the weight of habits and painful compromises? It’s the audacity to act. As we regularly repeat, a presentation is a preamble to innovation.  Whether we’re in the field of politics, sports, or business life, the same principle applies: the game precedes the rule. It is because practices change that technology changes, that new needs are expressed, that we vote new laws, that we adapt the rules and changes processes.

How much innovation exists today just because someone did something that others thought impossible? In the end, nobody will blame you for being captivating; or rather they might! Those who fear not being able to do the same you will blame you. But it will mean that the rules are already changing and that teaching and coaching will be able to replace mistrust and refusal.

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