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Team presentation: the importance of the StoryManager®

By building your presentations as stories you greatly increase the impact of your remarks. But you may have noticed that it’s sometimes difficult to maintain the consistency of a story. Team presentations often give the impression that the thread is lost.  To maintain a story’s consistency all through the different speakers, the work of the StoryManager is essential.

The StoryManager is the real director of the presentation, and his first responsibility is for the story and its development.  It is vital to determine with each person what should be said. But it is also essential to prepare transitions between speakers.  If an audience is listening to a speaker, it’s placing its confidence in him. For this confidence to be properly transmitted to his successor, the speaker must explain, even briefly, why he’s passing the baton, and especially make his teammate credible in the eyes of the audience. Therefore, like in a relay race, the recipient benefits from the advance gained by his predecessor.

A captivating story is also based on variations of rhythm and emotion. This time it is the managerial dimension of the StoryManager that is put into play. By using the singularities of each person you can set the tempo of a presentation effectively. Each speaker being alternately inspiring, precise, attentive and surprising, while remaining sincere, can give substance to the story and hold the attention of the audience.

For a team presentation to be truly effective, the StoryManager should also be clear on the purpose of each speaker’s stage presence: what does the audience expect? What is the key message? What emotion should be conveyed? This way, he’ll keep the story strong to capture the attention needed to serve the message and generate greater support.

Finally, the StoryManager will be constantly reminding the team that to be effective, they must rehearse a lot!

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