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Switch to presentation mode

Though PowerPoint is regularly criticized, this unavoidable software package offers some valuable and sometimes overlooked features. One of the most important tools for a speaker is probably the “presentation mode” (a.k.a. presenter’s view). Despite its usefulness it is a little known feature. Yet, it gives speakers an extremely comfortable interface to improve their speaking performances.

As soon as your computer is connected to a second monitor (TV or slide projector), when you launch your slideshow, you can have your slides projected on the external monitor while your notes are displayed on your computer screen. In addition to your notes, this feature shows the slide you’re currently displaying as well as the one that will follow. This gives you an ideal configuration to use your notes effectively.

One of the first negative effects of stress when we speak is losing our train of thought. With this configuration, you know that you can always depend on your notes. Often this is so reassuring that we don’t feel the need to read them. However, you can note all the references you were not planning to use but which help you answer questions if necessary.

In presentation mode, the speaker focuses on his real mission, which is not to act like a performing monkey who has learned everything by heart, but to be able to deliver a message to the audience under the best conditions.

On the other hand, this tool requires you to think about the best way to manage your notes. If they are too composed, you will be tempted to read them; too general, you may not know what you meant. You’ll discover, little by little, the best way to use this interface to increase your connection with the audience and thus the impact of your message.

You will also increase the quality of your interaction with your visual aids. By anticipating the upcoming slide, you’ll improve your transitions and control more precisely the ideal moment to launch each slide.

As we have already mentioned, slides don’t make your presentation, they are only used as visual aids to increase the audience’s capacity to retain key messages. By controlling the speaker & slide duo, you will increase the impact of your remarks, which will help you spread your ideas and enhance your leadership skills.

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