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Post images that make sense

Images have a considerable impact. A study shows that if an image is associated with a message, it is seven times more likely that the message will be remembered. This fact is widely circulated in training courses on slide design. Indeed, this is how we often recognize people coming from these training courses…they put images everywhere.

To have a real impact, an image should not be added “to be pretty.” On the contrary, it should be strategically added to create an anchor that will capture attention and maximize memorization.

Your visual aids and the moment they are shown must be meaningful. It’s all the difference between design and decoration: design is part of your story, decoration serves only to make you happy and show that you have good taste…or not.

Between the desire to do well, the need to make an impression and the lack of time, it’s often difficult to navigate. The most effective strategy is always to start with a blank slide, either white or black. This way, each time you add an item, you’ll have the opportunity to ask yourself: “Does this addition serve my remarks?”

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