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How to strengthen the impact of your pitch?

Being able to quickly convince others that an idea has value is an essential skill to have for many businessmen and project leaders. But developing a pitch is not sufficient to guarantee to stir the interest of your audience. One factor that remains crucial in the success of your pitch lies in your capacity to center it in the discussion.   Successive observations of many pitching performances showed that the sooner you manage to involve your audience in the exchange, the more you’ll succeed in getting it to adhere to your remarks…

The first pitfall is to have a pitch you learned by heart because you’re obsessed with the need to convince quickly; this leaves no room for the other party to be actively involved in the realization process of your idea. The second pitfall is obviously going too far in the opposite direction and letting your contact person change the basic aspects of your idea too easily. If your idea counts and has matured in your head, you’ll always be open to constructive advice, but your conviction will be strong enough to not change with every opinion expressed.

The happy medium is to position yourself as a professional who provides a solution to another professional, whose opinion is all the more instructive since it’s from a potential future client.

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