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How to lighten up your slides?

Regardless of the debates that stir up our economists, we might have an explanation for the lack of growth in our country: cumbersome slides! And, without wanting to over-dramatize, we believe that our economy cannot continue to support the weight much longer. The demonstration is simple: too many slides are overloaded with texts, lists, graphs and images. Your ideas are smothered and can no longer rally the support of those who could make them succeed.

To liberate our economy and give it wings to grow, we invite you to participate in a large citizen initiative: “I too will lighten up my slides.” We know the sacrifice this initiative represents for many of you. But the stakes are high and the first of them is called “innovation.”

First of all, a presentation is not meant to be read. And even less by the speaker himself. Please remove anything that may make you want to read your own slides and add the text to your comments. This way you will effectively separate your words from what you post.

Secondly, the structure of the presentation must remain hidden. Your presentation should aim to share an idea, not to show the structure of your reasoning. Delete the outline and all the elements that prioritize information. It’s up to the speaker to make the structure come forth; it will capture more attention and put greater emphasis on key ideas.

Finally, you must stop thinking that the quality of your work is measured by the amount of information that appears on your slides. This is what we call “the pitfall of the good student,” which is to overload your slides to show that you have worked hard. Instead, concentrate on the basic needs of your audience: to be captivated, entertained and inspired. Then, they will notice your work.

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