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How to increase the credibility of your statements?

If you are asked to answer by “yes” or “no” to a series of statements, there are two possibilities: either you know the subject and it is easy to answer, or you don’t, in which case you’ll try to assess the plausibility of the proposed statements. Indeed there’s a whole circuitry in our brains for this task and you’d be surprised to learn how this process can be influenced by two simple means: image and contrast.

The work of Dr. Eryn Newman has shown that when a statement is associated with an image, the brain naturally grants more credibility to the information. Stronger still, it has been shown that it’s possible to create false recollections from fake images, since the brain tends to consider that a photograph bears witness to something that actually happened.

A similar phenomenon occurs with contrast: a sentence shown in a highly contrasted manner will tend to be perceived as more credible than an identical implicit sentence. The choice of fonts and colors is hence of fundamental importance for the audience to adhere to your presentations.

Source : Eryn Newman for the Washington Post

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