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Here’s a tip: don’t rely on anymore advice (except ours)

Everyday, the news and social networks invade us with so called good practices: health, love, happiness, work, you name it! There’s no exception for the never-lacking public speaking tips and tricks. However, their relevance is often questionable…

Here are 3 good reasons to disregard them:

 1 – My skill you will assimilate

Because these “good tips” are generally written by people who feel comfortable and don’t understand people who are not. So, even if we find them interesting, even if we dream of being just like them one day, they will have no impact on our practice.

2 – On my article you will click

Because articles are often written to catch your attention, like: “3 tips for…” or a question like “How to become… in 5 easy steps?” The goal with these catchy titles is solely to make us believe that there is a magic recipe. And in the process, they tell us what we already know.

3 – My advice you will follow

Because you don’t improve your speaking skills by reading an article, but by multiplying the opportunities to speak. Public speaking is not limited to a sum of knowledge. This is a skill you can only acquire by practicing.

Even if you hate it, even if it makes you sick, the only way to improve is to increase your opportunities to speak. And for each speech, we can never say it enough, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse… that’s the secret!

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