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Any story is a narrative for change. That is exactly what makes stories so attractive. They invite us to discover the way in which our heroes come together and adapt to the changes that they are experiencing.

In order to capture and maintain your audience’s attention, you will need to do the same thing: design your presentation as a story about the change prompted by your idea.

How to use Storytelling to manage?

Storytelling is a great communication tool for telling stories, but not only that. When you manage to give meaning to your ideas, generate interest in your projects and defend an inspiring and desirable promise of change, you’re doing much more than communication. So, in concrete terms, how can you use storytelling to manage your teams?…

Help, I have to replace someone!

One of your colleagues is no longer available for the next convention! You’re seized by panic as you discover that you are designated to replace him. How can you turn this poisoned gift into an opportunity to strengthen you speaking and leadership skills? Like in the theater, when you have to replace an actor, you’ll…

The limits of storytelling in companies

Storytelling in businesses is only useful when you tell the right story. The story that enables you to engage your employees in a concrete project. Using this powerful communication tool, that is storytelling, allows you to inspire your employees and anchor them to your promise of change by triggering their emotions. You will undoubtedly encounter…

Help, I have too much to say!

We have all seen overly long presentations, which we didn’t remember much about. And yet, when our turn comes to present, we tend to do exactly what we blame others for. The result: our presentations are also too long, with a lot of unnecessary details against the background of slides filled with tables and bullet…

3 tips on how to get pleasure out of presenting

In our Thursday tips, we often tell you that the goal in speaking is not to look comfortable or to have great stories to tell with nice slides to show… the goal is to truly feel what drives all those who know how to defend the cause of their ideas: enjoyment! Associating pleasure and public…

Help! They’re asking me questions!

Your speeches can be followed up with a “Q & A” phase and it terrifies you! Here are some tips to not feel trapped.

Help, I have no notion of time

How much time do I have? How can I organize my time? How much time should I devote to questions? Here’s a set of stressful questions, which we will address today.

3 tips to increase the impact of your presentations

Having a clear idea is a prerequisite for giving an effective presentation. The role of your visual aids is then to carry and amplify the impact of your story. Here are 3 tips to making an even stronger impact.

Help! They’re giving me 5 minutes instead of 20!

You’re happy this morning. Your supervisor just told you that you have 45 minutes to present your project in COMEX. But at the last minute, your Managing Director says: “I only have 5 minutes, what should I retain?” …Don’t worry you just need a method.