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We are living in a world of “information overload,” permanently hopping between different kinds of media and sampling its highlights.

In order to have a chance at making an impact, you will need to “stage” your presentation and include it under the framework of a global experience – before, during, after – which promotes interest, impact and guarantees that your idea stays firmly embedded in people’s minds.

How can you mess-up your presentations for sure?

If there’s one thing the coronavirus crisis has taught us, it is knowing how to distinguish between the things you can anticipate and things you cannot. It’s the same when you speak in public. Even if you have full control over your preparation, you cannot anticipate all the unforeseen events on D-Day, and remedy the…


PowerPoint is a highly criticized tool… and that’s not fair! It’s not fair because it never promised to help us create great stories that inspire, nor to help us sell better, persuade better or engage better.   The truth is that today, PowerPoint is associated with long, painful moments, where everyone is board, presentations are…


Whether you come from communications, technical or accounting departments, there will always come a time where it will be your turn to have to throw yourself into the exercise of presenting. Out of habit and reflex, you open PowerPoint and download the company presentation template. Once finished, you aren’t very satisfied with the result but…

4 tips to increase your influence

More and more companies are looking to awaken the leadership skills of their employees, at the risk of the word becoming clichéd. Far from being a fad, many companies have realized the importance of having team leaders, i.e., people who stand out for their autonomy, their involvement and their ability to get others moving.  …

Help, I have to replace someone!

One of your colleagues is no longer available for the next convention! You’re seized by panic as you discover that you are designated to replace him. How can you turn this poisoned gift into an opportunity to strengthen you speaking and leadership skills? Like in the theater, when you have to replace an actor, you’ll…

How to stage your presentation?

When we talk about presentations, the first reflex is often to think of PowerPoint and how to create an innovative and unique slide design. However, your goal is not to be told that you have great slides, but rather that your idea is great! How to think about staging your presentation as a global experience…

Slides or no slides, that is the question!

Long before we know exactly what we’re going to present or have thought about our plan, we often have the reflex to think about the support. So, we start looking for PowerPoint templates or Keynote examples, in order to stand out during our presentation. Lost between the many existing models and the messages we want…

Must you be an actor to present well?

We often hear that those who perform in theater are better at speaking. But do you have to be an actor to present well?

3 tips to prepare a team speech

More and more often in business, public speaking is becoming a teamwork exercise, in which we tend to have the reflex to prepare for… individually! Here are 3 tips to restore the meaning of team presentations.