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Public speaking generally represents a time when we put too much pressure on ourselves: make sure you don’t forget anything, be natural… As if the performance was only based on the controlled image of yourself that you put forth!

In order to be heard, you need to first create confidence-based conditions. That is why true performance is based on your ability to sincerely convey a committed message.

In speech… there’s “speed”!

“How long should a good presentation last?” This question comes up frequently but it is not an easy one to answer. The golden rule would be to keep it short and sweet… but what is short?

Yes, your body tells us things!

The more communication is controlled on one hand, the more it is decrypted on the other! We see it every day: a dangerous discrediting of the word of our managers and leaders. How can we avoid the pitfall and get out of this vicious circle?

Love yourself and the world will love you

To be a good speaker, be yourself.” Easy to say but how can we really be ourselves when our audience is perceived as intimidating or threatening?

Coming through!

A leader is a figurehead of a movement. He’s in the front of the stage that embodies change. But he also shares the stage and knows how to take back stage to the emergence of a new generation of leaders!

Not even afraid!

3 out of 4 people suffer from glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking. How can you create the conditions for letting go and master public speaking?

Silence is Golden

We have a very conflictual relationship with silence, we can almost talk about a phobia of the void! It is hard for us to accept it, and we are constantly looking for ways to fill it. And it gets even worse when we are about to give a speech. We are afraid to pause, from…

We are what we repeatedly do

Too often neglected, rehearsing is the key to successful speaking. In all fields of activity, experts demonstrate that by rehearsing, they instill more confidence, generate more commitment and strengthen their leadership. What do Steve Jobs, Michael Phelps, Freddie Mercury and Yves Saint Laurent all have in common? Masters in their respective arts, they all gained…

People don’t know what they want…

We hear more and more often that it is difficult to get the attention of an audience. But the goal is not so much to attract their attention, but to sustainably capture their interest. To get there you will have to find a relevant and unexpected answer to two basic questions: What keeps them from…

Today I’m giving a long speech…

To be short, you have to know how to simplify, choose and give things up. But as we rarely work alone, we must also federate, arbitrate and decide. It can be a long and tedious job. But it is job that pays in the end and that will lead you to shake up habits, challenge…