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Public speaking generally represents a time when we put too much pressure on ourselves: make sure you don’t forget anything, be natural… As if the performance was only based on the controlled image of yourself that you put forth!

In order to be heard, you need to first create confidence-based conditions. That is why true performance is based on your ability to sincerely convey a committed message.

Stage fright is an opportunity

It cannot be stressed enough that it’s normal to feel nervous before speaking in public. The risk is to consider that the fear you feel is proof that you’re not meant to do it.  Fear is an opportunity, it makes you more dynamic and more responsive. Accepting that you have to deal with fear is…

ZEPRESENTERS launches “ZE Thursday Tip”

News isn’t always morose. Regularly it can be inspiring and, more often, it can be really funny. Every Thursday, Erik Tartrais will publish a cartoon drawing inspired by news headlines. You will discover that the art of presentation is hidden behind every topic. Don’t miss our next tip, sign up now!

Training is investing in the future

Speaking in public is serious business and requires a learning process, practical application and experience. It is also important that those who regularly speak in public realize that they are generally not sufficiently trained and that they are usually not given enough time to prepare. Pooling know-how, encouraging feedback and uniting teams around a concrete…

Because behind every idea there is a story… here is ours

As Aristotle truly said, a story has a beginning, a middle and an end. For ZEPRESENTERS®, the beginning is already a whole story.