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ZE Thursday Tip

How to convey my emotions ?

Who hasn’t dreamed of easily sharing their emotions when speaking in public? Or conquering the crowds; or being an outstanding speaker like Oprah Winfrey; Or having Barack Obama’s charisma in order to position yourself as a leader and model. Who secretly hasn’t dreamed of making grand speeches like Winston Churchill, other than in front of…

How to present before a packed room?

Last week, we were helping you bounce back from the disappointment of an empty room. Today, we are helping you face the panic of a packed room!

How to present in front of an empty room?

You’ve been preparing for your intervention for months, but on D-Day, your audience can be counted on one hand. So, how do you bounce back from such a disappointment?

Must you be an actor to present well?

We often hear that those who perform in theater are better at speaking. But do you have to be an actor to present well?

3 tips on how to get pleasure out of presenting

In our Thursday tips, we often tell you that the goal in speaking is not to look comfortable or to have great stories to tell with nice slides to show… the goal is to truly feel what drives all those who know how to defend the cause of their ideas: enjoyment! Associating pleasure and public…


We all know of a time when our speaking engagement didn’t have the impact we wanted, when we failed to get the amount of people on board we needed or had imagined. The feeling that sticks is that we weren’t up to the task and this is never easy to live with. Faced with this…

3 tips to rehearse with serenity

Do rehearsals stress you out? Do you tend to put them off, or even avoid them? Here are 3 tips to turn your rehearsals into an ally!

Help, I’m afraid of the mic

Who says microphone, often says speaking in front of many people. For some, this is already a hefty challenge, so how do we prevent the mic from being a source of additional concern?

3 tips to prepare a team speech

More and more often in business, public speaking is becoming a teamwork exercise, in which we tend to have the reflex to prepare for… individually! Here are 3 tips to restore the meaning of team presentations.