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ZE Thursday Tip

Your mission? Leave a strong impression!

One of the major challenges we face when presenting a project is memorization. We are used to saying that we retain very little of what we hear. So how do we put all the chances on our side to leave a strong impression?

I have nothing to say, but I’m getting treated

Memory blanks, loss of points of reference, difficulty in building thoughts… here’s our 3rd and last article on the fears related to public speaking… So, is it serious doctor?

The revolution of the Audience First!

What do an extrovert, a philosopher and an expert have in common? They all talk too much and tend to irritate their audience in spite of themselves. So, how to avoid becoming the worst nightmare of one’s audience when one is a talkative speaker?

Structure, confidence and preparation: a winning threesome!

Nobody likes to talk in a vacuum. And yet, this has already happened to all of us. So, how can we capture the attention, under any circumstances, of someone who is not necessarily ready to listen to you?

Manipulate with cynicism or maneuver with sincerity?

Can we speak without manipulating? This question comes up regularly as soon as we talk about storytelling. But it mainly haunts those who are sincere and have good intentions. So how do you prepare without feeling that you’re manipulating others?

Here’s a tip: don’t rely on anymore advice (except ours)

If you read us regularly, it means you’re searching for good tips and tricks to improve your public speaking skills. Yet, there are 3 reasons why reading tips is useless!

Change your view and the view of others will change

The more we expose ourselves to the view of others, the more our need to control our image is strong. But the more we care about the image we project, the more we miss the goal!

In speech… there’s “speed”!

“How long should a good presentation last?” This question comes up frequently but it is not an easy one to answer. The golden rule would be to keep it short and sweet… but what is short?

Yes, your body tells us things!

The more communication is controlled on one hand, the more it is decrypted on the other! We see it every day: a dangerous discrediting of the word of our managers and leaders. How can we avoid the pitfall and get out of this vicious circle?