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ZE Thursday Tip

Storytelling, the new greenwashing?

At this time, when we’re fighting against “fake news,” we’re right to be more and more vigilant vis-à-vis the information that we are given. Among the techniques that allow us to focus our attention on one subject or to improve the plausibility of another, storytelling has a prominent place. In line with green washing, is…

Your numbers tell stories!

In management control, actuarial work, finances, market studies, etc., financial experts are often dubious when it comes to narration techniques. How to help them to tell stories?

The blank page remedy in 4 steps!

Your presentation is fast approaching, ideas multiply and you become unable to prioritize and order everything you have to say… Here are 4 steps that will help you defeat the white blank slide syndrome.

Are clowns good pitchers?

Humor is a great ingredient to slip into your presentations. Among other tools, if it’s well employed, it allows to create a bond of complicity with your audience. But as great as it is, humor can also be a trap.

TABLES AND SLIDES: a marriage condemned in advance!

Luckily, sometimes there are questions whose technical answer is extremely easy to make use of! So, once in a while, putting a table on a slide is very easy. But we do not recommend you do it…

A novice audience: avoid the expertise trap!

When you’re an expert and you’re talking to a novice audience… it can get complicated! If you simplify too much, there is no point in having hired an expert. And if they do not understand anything, it is not very useful either… How to avoid the expertise trap?

Can an audience be “too easy to please”?

After having overcome the challenge of a hostile audience last week, you feel invincible, ready to conquer any audience, assuming that no matter what happens, you have lived and conquered the worst and that therefore, nothing can stop you. If it’s true that presenting in front of a hostile audience – because of the stress…

Hostile audience, easy as pie!

When someone interrupts to comment or ask questions about your presentation, PowerPoint cannot do anything for you. Especially when the audience is hostile, it is important to quickly take on the appropriate stance so as not to lose control of the presentation. Easier said than done, so how do we do it?

Resistance identified = Appeased speaker

The stronger an idea, the more resistance it generates. Don’t wait for it to get dumped on you, anticipate it!