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The secrets of those who love to present

People who really enjoy speaking in public are not the most extroverted, contrary to what one might think. However, they have understood something precious for all those who have ideas to put forward and who do not dare to get started. So, what is the secret of those who love speaking in public?   Yes,…

How to stage your presentation?

When we talk about presentations, the first reflex is often to think of PowerPoint and how to create an innovative and unique slide design. However, your goal is not to be told that you have great slides, but rather that your idea is great! How to think about staging your presentation as a global experience…

And what if I wasn’t made for speaking in public ?

In the United States, a study found that the fear of speaking in public was stronger than the fear of dying… it’s crazy, and yet it’s true. 75% of Americans surveyed dread public speaking! So, let’s start by reassuring ourselves: we don’t risk our lives by speaking in public. “Ah, we already feel better!” Beyond…

Must you be an actor to present well?

We often hear that those who perform in theater are better at speaking. But do you have to be an actor to present well?


We all know of a time when our speaking engagement didn’t have the impact we wanted, when we failed to get the amount of people on board we needed or had imagined. The feeling that sticks is that we weren’t up to the task and this is never easy to live with. Faced with this…

3 tips to rehearse with serenity

Do rehearsals stress you out? Do you tend to put them off, or even avoid them? Here are 3 tips to turn your rehearsals into an ally!

Help! They’re asking me questions!

Your speeches can be followed up with a “Q & A” phase and it terrifies you! Here are some tips to not feel trapped.

Help, I’m the only woman here and it’s me speaking

The world is moving forward, women are more and more represented in companies and given the chance to take the floor! But as a woman, when you stand up to speak to an assembly composed exclusively of men, it is difficult not to have your mind polluted with many questions…