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4 tips to increase your influence

More and more companies are looking to awaken the leadership skills of their employees, at the risk of the word becoming clichéd. Far from being a fad, many companies have realized the importance of having team leaders, i.e., people who stand out for their autonomy, their involvement and their ability to get others moving.  …

Help, I have to replace someone!

One of your colleagues is no longer available for the next convention! You’re seized by panic as you discover that you are designated to replace him. How can you turn this poisoned gift into an opportunity to strengthen you speaking and leadership skills? Like in the theater, when you have to replace an actor, you’ll…

The secrets of those who don’t have stage fright

Stage fright is an expression of stress, in other words, a reaction to a complex or even unknown situation. Logic would have it that the more one learns to manage these complex and unknown situations, the more one can approach them with serenity. This suggests to us that it is possible to get rid of…

The limits of a pitch in companies

The subject of the pitch is on everyone’s lips yet it is not the solution to everything. First of all, you would no doubt have to wonder what is a pitch anyway? A short speech that makes the audience want to know more? A way to unite teams and advance a project? In other words,…

How to convey my emotions ?

Who hasn’t dreamed of easily sharing their emotions when speaking in public? Or conquering the crowds; or being an outstanding speaker like Oprah Winfrey; Or having Barack Obama’s charisma in order to position yourself as a leader and model. Who secretly hasn’t dreamed of making grand speeches like Winston Churchill, other than in front of…

3 tips on how to get pleasure out of presenting

In our Thursday tips, we often tell you that the goal in speaking is not to look comfortable or to have great stories to tell with nice slides to show… the goal is to truly feel what drives all those who know how to defend the cause of their ideas: enjoyment! Associating pleasure and public…

Help, I’m afraid of the mic

Who says microphone, often says speaking in front of many people. For some, this is already a hefty challenge, so how do we prevent the mic from being a source of additional concern?

Help, I’m afraid of the audience!

He who says “public speaking” is saying… “public!” As soon as stage fright enters into the equation, everything gets more complicated. So, how to regain control when your audience frightens you?

Help, the video projector is broken

It’s already not an easy task to speak, but when our material abandons us the pressure can mount a notch very quickly. So, what to do when the projector breaks down?