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Help, I don’t know what to do with my hands

“What do I do with my hands?” This is certainly not the first question you ask yourself in the morning or when you’re about to begin a presentation. However, on D-Day, if you are nervous and panicked in front of your audience, you will think about your posture, and your attention may focus on your hands. You’ll bombard…

How to present before a packed room?

Last week, we were helping you bounce back from the disappointment of an empty room. Today, we are helping you face the panic of a packed room!

How to present in front of an empty room?

You’ve been preparing for your intervention for months, but on D-Day, your audience can be counted on one hand. So, how do you bounce back from such a disappointment?

3 tips to prepare a team speech

More and more often in business, public speaking is becoming a teamwork exercise, in which we tend to have the reflex to prepare for… individually! Here are 3 tips to restore the meaning of team presentations.

How to rally the troops around my cause?

Well done: You have a project that is close to your heart and you don’t know how to mobilize your teams around it? Here are 4 steps to motivate the troops!

Help, I just made a big stain on my shirt!

The exercise of presenting, naturally generates unforeseen sources of stress. So, how can we prepare to face them?

How to be taken seriously with a pared down slide?

Pared down slides have something to intimidate fans of overloaded slides. Because it is true that in business, the standard is more like slides that combine bullet points, graphs, tables and figures. Effective? Not really! So how to clean up your slides?

Help, I have no notion of time

How much time do I have? How can I organize my time? How much time should I devote to questions? Here’s a set of stressful questions, which we will address today.

3 tips to increase the impact of your presentations

Having a clear idea is a prerequisite for giving an effective presentation. The role of your visual aids is then to carry and amplify the impact of your story. Here are 3 tips to making an even stronger impact.