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3 reasons for using Post-its® to prepare your presentations

We regularly repeat that the first pitfall to avoid, when preparing a presentation, is to throw yourself into PowerPoint. The tool is efficient for designing slides but it is totally ineffective in gathering and organizing ideas or in working as a team. To boost the preparation phase, the use of Post-its is much more pertinent. Here are the 3 reasons that make them indispensable:

1 – To stimulate creativity, alone or in a team

Preparation consists of first combining the most information possible in order to find the angle by which you will approach your subject: main idea, argument, context, elements of storytelling… Whether you are alone or especially in a team, a white wall and Post-its will allow you to collect all your ideas, to sort and organize them while maintaining a vision that is both global and detailed of what your presentation will become.

2 – To remain concise and relevant

Since Post-its are small you have to be concise to get to the point. This prevents what is called the author’s reflex, which often leads to writing too early and building texts that are too exhaustive and end up completely devoid of strategy. In addition, by limiting yourself to one idea per Post-it, you prefigure the good practice we recommend, which is to be limited to one idea per slide.

3 – To structure the timeline of your presentation

The third advantage of the Post-it is based on its ability to be repositioned. Once all your ideas are on the wall, you can try organizing them differently and therefore build your presentation timeline. At any time, you can delete or add steps, or go back again without losing anything.

These good practices foster creativity. They will allow you to clarify what your presentation should be and the goal you want to achieve in presenting. You will see that after this task, you presentation will make more sense and you’ll be able tackle PowerPoint and slide design in a much more efficient and relaxed manner.

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